Luminaire Vibration Testing

ANSI C136.31 - American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment

Luminaire Vibration Testing is covered by the ANSI C136.31 test standard, which provides the minimum vibration withstand capability, and vibration test methods for roadway luminaires.

A roadway luminaire is a complete lighting assembly consisting of a lamp (or lamps) together with parts that distribute the light, position and protect the lamps, and connect the lamp(s) to the power supply. These roadway luminaires can be exposed to two types of vibration: wind induced, and traffic induced vibration.

Luminaire Vibration Testing

This test standard describes how the luminaire is attached to the shaker table, and then a low-level sine sweep is performed to determine the resonant frequency, which is typically between 5Hz and 30Hz.

After determining the resonant frequency of the luminaire, a sine dwell is performed to fatigue the Luminaire assembly. Because this test is a mechanical performance evaluation, and not a functional test, the luminaire is not required to be energized during testing.

The test standard also provides the acceleration level based on two applications: normal, and bridge/overpass. The acceleration level is further defined for each application by the enclosure material used for the luminaire.

Enclosure Materials:

  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Die Cast Aluminum
  • Glass Fiber Composite
  • Sand Cast Aluminum
  • Sheet Metal Aluminum
  • Sheet Metal Stainless Steel

All acceleration levels are specified between 1.5g and 3.5g peak for the sine dwell. The Luminaire is tested for a minimum of 100,000 cycles in each axis for all three axes, although a separate Luminaire test item may be used for each axis.

At the conclusion of each test, there should be no damage to the enclosure, reduction of electrical spacings, or loosening of any part of the Luminaire. Any mechanical damage which may result in a safety problem constitutes a test failure.

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