GMW3172 Testing

General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Components - Environmental/Durability

The GMW3172 Testing Standard applies to electrical/electronic components for passenger or commercial vehicles and trucks. It describes the environmental and durability tests for these components based on their mounting location.

GMW3172 Testing is applied in five different testing phases, which are:

  • Performance Verification
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Design Validation (DV)
  • Product Validation (PV)

Source: GMW3172 (AUG 2008) | Test Standard available here.

At Thermax, we are accredited to perform mechanical shock pothole testing and shipping vibration testing for this standard.

Mechanical Testing

This section describes vibration testing combined with temperature, mechanical shock testing, and drop testing, etc. of electrical/electronic components. This mechanical testing is concerned about the following mounting locations on a vehicle:

  • Engine or Transmission
  • Unsprung Masses
  • Sprung Masses - Passenger Compartment
  • Sprung Masses - All other areas

Section 9.3.3 Mechanical Shock - Pothole

This test method verifies the component's immunity to shock events produced by potholes (bumps), and includes three (3) different test profiles including Unsprung Masses, Sprung Masses. The test profiles indicate the peak g acceleration, duration of each impact, and the number of impacts.

For example, for sprung masses (not including the passenger compartment), the shock's peak acceleration is 25g, with a duration of 25ms, and repeated for a total of 2400 impacts.

Section 10.2 Shipping Vibration

This test method verifies the robustness of the component together with the packaging during shipping.

The test profile is random vibration over the frequency range of 10Hz to 300Hz with effective acceleration of 1.0g(rms). The test duration is 24 hours per axis for all three axes.

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