Shock Testing

At Thermax, we offer classical shock testing capabilities for product manufacturers. Our expertise, combined with the latest shaker technology, allow us to provide unmatched test services. So, when you need to reduce your warranty costs, improve reliability, qualify your product, or screen your production run, contact us to learn more about our accredited shock testing.

Mechanical Shock Testing

A mechanical shock is a sudden acceleration or deceleration of a test item. A shock is typically caused by impact, drop, kick, earthquake, or explosion. In the Lab, we perform classical shock testing of products, which uses the three typical pulse shapes of (1) half sine, (2) terminal peak sawtooth, and (3) trapezoidal.

Mechanical Shock Test Capabilities

  • Force Rating: Up to 18,952 lbf
  • Waveforms: half-sine, saw tooth, trapezoidal
  • Acceleration: Up to 100 g’s

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