Test Services

Providing Product Testing Services at our A2LA Accredited Test Lab

At Thermax, we specialize in providing best-in-class product testing services at our A2LA Accredited Test Laboratory. Our Laboratory is equipped with new shaker technology that allows us to test up to 3.0 inches of displacement in order to meet the most demanding industry test standards. We perform the many types of testing listed below at our Laboratory located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Types of Testing

  •  Sine Vibration
  •  Sine Sweep
  •  Sine Dwell
  •  Resonance Search Track & Dwell
  •  Random Vibration
  •  Sine on Random (SoR)
  •  Random on Random (RoR)
  •  Mechanical Shock

Learn more about vibration and shock testing here.


We provide these types of testing to customers in a wide range of industries. See the list below. If your industry is not listed, don't worry. We can perform accredited testing for other industries, and "custom" test specifications as well. At Thermax, we perform accredited testing of products, as well as components and assemblies that make up large finished products, like the ones shown below.

Industries Served

  •  Military
  •  Aerospace
  •  Electronics
  •  Automotive
  •  Medical
  •  Consumer Goods
  •  Industrial
  •  Packaging

Learn more about specific test standards for these industries here.